Reversible Clutches

Reversible Clutches

And so it begins...

This week I started to work on our Spring/Summer line. We have just over a month until we launch (the launch date is April 30th), and I am already starting to feel the pressure. After a little over a week of cutting pattern and prepping the bags, I finally started sewing today. I decided to start with the reversible "Brittany" clutch. This clutch is one of Emily and my personal favorites, because it easily gives you two totally different looks, by unsnapping one snap, and snapping another. (It is named after me because it is a fairly unique design idea, that I dreamed up while trying to create something that would give women more options while traveling.) In the last collection I was using either the Aztec or hair on hide for one side, and a black stone oiled side on the other. The stone oiled side measures anywhere between 4-4.5 oz. In laymans terms, it is very thick and stiff. I didn't love how difficult it was to reverse the clutches, so this time around I chose a leather that isn't so thick. This will allow the clutches to reverse more easily, and lay flatter. I have a couple left, but after two days, 7 are done! I am much happier with the results, and I can't wait to show them to you! Meanwhile, here are some photos of the construction, a little sneak peak for all you loyal readers. :)

 Setting snaps  
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