Twenty-four Days

Twenty-four Days
The Countdown Begins
As of today, I have exactly 24 days (including weekends) until we launch the Spring and Summer line on our website and at the Wyebrook Music Festival held on April 30th. (If you don't know Wyebrook, check them out at ) The reversible clutches are all done, as well as most of the cross body bags. Unfortunately I made a bit of a mistake when I was reordering leather and hard wear. I forgot the most important component of the bag other than the actual leather. The "Tesoro" labels. (Thuds head on table) We get them made in America by a great company, but unfortunately their lead times are usually around 3 weeks out. So there around 18 bags that do not have the labels, and I am waiting patiently (ok, not so patiently) for the labels to get in so I can finish everything.
I am working on a new style this week! It is our first official "purse" style in the collection. They will all be two tone, each of them featuring a unique texture or print. First up, the brown pebble grain and Aztec print. Check out the photos below for a sneak peak! 
Back to sewing... Wish me luck!
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