An Ethical Diaper Bag is Coming!

An Ethical Diaper Bag is Coming!

My journey into the market of all things pregnant women/babies/toddlers started when my baby sister got pregnant in 2019. It was the first time I really did any research into the mommy market (my term, not an industry one). I quickly realized that most of the products out there are either so plain it hurts, or so girly/paisley patterned, lace trimmed and just straight up unattractive. This description fits for strollers, car seats, baby clothes and more than anything else, diaper bags. 

After lots of searching I couldn't find any diaper bags made of high quality leather, that was functional both while you had a little one, and once you went back to your work life, or just your regular activities. I saw a lot of backpacks with large labels plastered all over the bags and tote bags that are just tote bags with some pockets in the inside. 

I had planned to buy my sister her first diaper bag, because lets face it, in my family I am the bag lady. But after reading blog after blog about the best ones on the market, or how moms found insane ways to make certain more stylish bags work for them, I decided it might be worth my time to design my own diaper bag. 

Around that time, I had a couple other moms reach out to me requesting a bag. And once Benita Robledo,(someone I have followed for a couple years now who cares deeply about ethical fashion) reached out and said she would love to partner with me and help me spread the word, I knew it was the right time to get to work on developing Tesoros first ever diaper bag. Benita is in the image below, and this was taken at our first ever meeting, after a few phone calls to learn more about what she was looking for. Benita is a slow/ethical fashion blogger who cares deeply about the environment and people, so she was looking for a bag that wouldn't just be a diaper bag, but would be wearable for years and years after her little girl starts to grow up.  I am so excited to be partnering with her on this bag! 

Below are our sketches for the products, and I will update you all as we keep working towards a finished product, hopefully launching in May! 

This is my second round of sketching that I was finally happy with. Its going to have two large front pockets, a zip back pocket, a shoulder strap, a crossbody strap and a backpack feature! 

The lining will zip in and out of the bag so you can wash it, or just remove it after your little one grows out of the toys, bottles and snacks you will need to take with you. We will even have an insulated sections to keep your bottles cool for longer excursions! 

We are also super excited about this little clutch. It will offer you a space in your bag (slide it right in the center of your bag for easy access), and will also be able to be clipped to your stroller handle, or transitioned into the perfect clutch/crossbody. 

The idea of this bag is to offer something beautiful, stylish, ETHICAL and something substantially more sustainable since you will use it long after your baby grows up. 

We will have lots of updates coming until May, so please sign up for our email list to learn more! 

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