Stronger Together

Stronger Together

Damiano Collection x Llani x Tesoro

There will always be moments and people in your life feed your soul, and remind you why you do what you do. As an entrepreneur, the more you can set yourself up for those moments and to be around those people, the better you will feel about today, and tomorrow. Last Saturday we had the privilege of having two talented and strong women in our shop to show some of our #tesorotribe the pieces they work so hard to produce. It was a day of talking shop, meeting new people, drinking Champagne and eating a lot of guac.


From left to right : Brit (Tesoro), Alex (Damiano Collection), Alana (Llani Shoes)

It has always been my dream to own a business, and opening a retail store was insanely tough and rewarding. I have also always wanted to do what I could to help build up women and the retail store has been an incredible platform for us to do so. In a world where collaboration is king having a space to welcome other hard working people to sell their product has been nothing short of amazing. We are stronger together after-all. 


Alanas beautiful designs for Llani Shoes

My mom and dad have always taught my sisters and I that we could do anything we wanted if we worked our asses off, and also that being a women does not make us less then. Nothing else has proven to be more true than those things. Over the past two and a half years I have met countless ladies who are working hard to make their dreams a reality.


Alana and Alex are no exception. Our businesses are very young, and one wrong move can make or break your future. That stress can sometimes rule your decision making, and knowing that people around you face the same challenges can really help ease some of that stress. (Murderinos you know what were talking about)


Alex's gorgeous creations in 100% silk and 100% made in America

Tis the season to be thankful and count your blessings, and I am so thankful to know these two bad ass ladies. Please remember to shop local this holiday season, and every season. You are helping us pay our rent, put out new products, and follow our dreams. 
Just in case you didn't make it in this weekend, I wanted to share the information you will need to find these ladies work. 
Find Damiano Collections, hand made in America silk pieces here- Damiano 
Find Llani Shoes, hand beaded and made in India here - Llani Shoes
Thanks for reading friends! 
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