Eye of the Tiger

Eye of the Tiger

By now you know of Brit and my infatuation with jumpsuits. While they are less than ideal in a bathroom emergency type situation, the other 99% of the time they are better than carbs. 

Basically playsuits for adults, you can run errands in them, or with the right accessories, attend a black tie event. Long, fitted, flowy, printed, strappy...so many options it's mind-blowing.

Think about it. You never know when you will need to perform an impromptu high kick. If you were wearing a dress this could be an embarrassing moment for you. Screenshots are forever, always remember. Pants and shorts are liberating (thanks Katharine Hepburn!), but restricting. They completely limit your high kick mobility and are a contradiction.


Better hurry and get your legs into a jumpsuit A.S.A.P. Your legs have been restrained long enough. Time to high kick your way into a new chapter. 


Em: jumpsuit-vintage, wedges-Aldo, sunglasses-vintage DVF, leather tote-Tesoro Design

Brit: jumpsuit-, shoes-Forever 21, hair on hide clutch-Tesoro Design

Photos: Pam Thompson-Reed

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