How to Care for Your Suede

How to Care for Your Suede

Suede, reminiscent of 1970s mini skirts and long fringe vests, it is also the chosen material for our newly launched S/S collection. A bit more high maintenance than our typical pebble grains, Brit and I thought it would be a good idea to explain how to properly care for your new suede bag. 

 Click below to watch our Q&A on suede care then scroll down to view our recommended suede cleaning products. 


 Emily: Is it true you should avoid carrying your suede bag on extremely rainy or snowy days?

Brit: Extremely snowy or rainy days are not ideal for suede. It is best to leave your bag at home on days where rain is forecasted. This is because suede does not have a top coating or finish like many other types of leather. Suede is really its own monster. 

Emily: What if your suede bag does get wet?

Brit: If your suede bag gets wet, there are a couple things you should do. First, dab it with a microfiber towel or a towel without color. Once you have removed as much water as possible, brush the bag with a soft bristle brush. After you have done that, stuff it full of paper to make sure the bag holds its shape. 

The best way to prevent staining or water marks is to spray your bag often! 


Emily: If you get some dirt or a mark on your suede bag, is it best to use a suede brush on it as quickly as possible, before the mark has time to fully penetrate? 

Brit: Dirt and other surface marks can often be brushed off with a suede brush. Water marks or a stain from a drink are more of a challenge. Many local dry cleaners now offer a suede cleaning option, so if you have a dry cleaner that you trust, it is good to have them take a look at it. (Or send it back to Tesoro and we will do our best to clean it for you!)

 Emily: How often should your suede bag be brushed to keep it soft?

 Brit: Suede will stay very soft on its own unless it gets wet. Do not over brush your bag, as this will lead to flaking or a premature thinning of the suede. 

Emily: All Tesoro suede bags are treated before being shipped. What do you use to treat them and is treating them once enough? 

Brit: Although our bags are treated, they should be treated again and again.You should plan on buying a suede brush and a water protector right off the bat. If you wear your bag daily, it is good to spray it every couple weeks- every month! 

Products we recommend:

4-way leather brush cleaner: great for multiple types of leather.

Suede brush: only use this brush on suede! Perfect for any water or surface marks on your bag.

Leather Spa: this is what we use to treat the bags before shipping them. This spray allows the suede to breathe and protects it at the same time. A must-have for all suede lovers!

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