Lunchbox Café, Better than a Brown Bag

For the longest time I never went to Lunchbox Café. I meant to, but never did. One of those things you always remember, but not until after the moments passed. Like buying an E-ZPass. You realize you want one as you are going through the toll booth. Every time. Not that Lunchbox Café is out of the way, but sitting on the corner of Market and New Street I don't exactly pass it on my daily commute. I tend to hang on the East side of town. Anyway, the point is, I finally tried it and could've smacked myself for not getting there sooner.

That was over a year ago.

Recently I remembered that there is more to this town than the 4 or 5 places I tend to go to regularly. Like any only child who has been single most of their life, I like a routine and tend to stick to it. Sometimes though, living like I'm Bill Murray in Groundhog Day can become redundant. Just a little. Time had come to switch things up. 

Saying no to Carlino's or Rapidough, I ventured an extra block down the street and walked into the foyer of Lunchbox Café. Feeling equal parts vacation-like and refreshed, I had the same sensation I felt last time/the first time I cam here. WHY DO I NOT COME HERE MORE OFTEN?! 

Sometimes it takes a lot for me to learn a lesson. Whether it's almost crashing the student driving car (lesson definitely learned on that one) or that sewing machines and I do not mix, the point is I figure it out eventually. Same can be said for Lunchbox Café. Another year cannot pass before I go back. My meal was just too darn delicious. 

Not on their online menu, even more reason to actually go in, the Thai or Vietnamese noodle salad is my number 1 pick. Green leafy romaine lettuce, rice noodles, chicken, what I believe to be cucumber or bamboo, carrots (in thin strips), and green onion all dressed nicely in a light dressing. The dressing is similar to what you would find on classic shrimp or chicken noodle dishes. 

If you are anything like me (congratulations), then you are probably wondering how this dish could be good. Warm noodles and chicken on cold salad? Wouldn't the lettuce wilt and become, shall I say, nasty? Absolutely not! Served a little warmer than room temperature, all mixed together the flavors are explosive and just the right degree of warmth. Both times I've had this dish a complaint of any sort never entered the complexity of my mind. Too busy praying that no matter how much I ate, it would never disappear, I can't imagine saying anything negative about this meal. Not able to speak for their other dishes, I would assume they are just as delectable, but I can not be certain. I guess you'll just have to pay Lunchbox Café a visit and form your own opinion. 

Conveniently, you can dine in or take-out. Choosing not to call ahead and place my order, I had about a 15 minuet wait, which I did not mind. Sitting at the bar style seats along Market Street, I throughly enjoyed people watching until my order was ready.

Beginning as a food truck on West Chester University's campus, Lunchbox Café grew such a following they were able to move things to a permanent address at 234 W Market Street. Popular for their breakfast sandwiches, I have yet to try one, but most definitely would love to. You see, the problem with West Chester is there are so many breakfast places that are all insanely mind-blowing, it's near impossible to choose. Peeling myself away from Penn's Table or Roots for brunch is harder than you'd think. It's not ridiculous to say I feel a sense of loyalty to my chosen few spots. But, for the sake of not falling deeper down the rabbit hole that is my organized life, I will venture to the other side of the street and see just how sunny (side up) it can be. 

Overall rating: full lip nudity


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