Meet Rachel - The newest member of the Tesoro Team

Meet Rachel - The newest member of the Tesoro Team

Hello Tesoro Tribe!

My name is Rachel and I am honored to be the newest member of the Tesoro team! I currently am a dedicated Registered Nurse by night and an avid fashion addict by day. This summer I had the pleasure of meeting Brit, our fearless Tesoro Queen, and was mesmerized by her drive, heart, and our mutual love for the My Favorite Murder podcast. No more than one week of being introduced to the Tesoro tribe I was begging to be a part of this unbelievable company.

During my undergraduate years, I had the unique opportunity to work in a state-run in-patient psychiatric facility where I worked closely with many vulnerable populations. I found myself gravitating to a group of homeless women and after earning their trust, the women shed light on how difficult it is not only to be homeless but also how it can be particularly hard for women. For many homeless women nationwide, access to feminine hygiene is limited. Thus I began Women Ready. Women Ready. is an organization that aims to change that. WR. partners with local shelters in the Delaware and Maryland area to provide homeless women with the feminine hygiene products they need every month. We aim to empower all women by helping them reclaim their dignity through access to proper hygiene supplies. Our Ready Bags include a month’s supply of hygiene products as well as information cards that focus on educating the homeless population on common women’s health issues. Our organization aims not only to empower women in need but also to bring awareness of this underserved population to college students across the United States. My position on female empowerment aligns so strongly with Tesoro’s and I truly believe that women need to stick together and empower one another so no woman feels she is on her own.

After leaving my beloved Golden State behind for college and occasionally feeling lost on the east coast, I found a home at Tesoro. The sustainable fashion and rustic leather vibes serve as my California sun oasis in center city Philadelphia. Tesoro’s a lifestyle brand that sings to me in a way that makes Philly feel more like home. I’ve always had a love for fashion and Tesoro’s golden rule of “support ladies” is really just the perfect cherry on top. I am proud to represent Tesoro and I cannot wait to see what the new year brings for us!

These photos were taken at our first ever "bag stuffing" event, for the charity that Rachel started! 

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