Patience and Pre-order

Patience and Pre-order
As November quickly closes in, so do my nerves. About 7 months ago I decided that being the only maker in my business was holding me back and that I needed to make some changes if I wanted to keep growing my little company. I was running into so many problems, but the main one was time. Running a retail store, an online store, multiple social media accounts, designing the product, making prototypes and then also making about 150 bags every few months is daunting and overwhelming and I decided that for my sanity and the health of the business that it might be time to think more seriously about getting help. 
I researched dozens, and yes, in the end, hundreds of manufacturers before I found one that was right for me. They are a small, family-owned company on the West Coast that has more flexible minimums than many of the other factories I was looking at. Not to mention an owner that has been sewing bags longer than I have been alive, and women with the communication skills of an angel that I text day and night about any thought or concerns I might have. So I decided to take the leap. The year was full of leaps for me, and this one might have been the scariest of all for me. 
We made 5 prototypes and I decided to move forward with just two of those for the time being. (Because lets be honest I am not made of money) After that I had to narrow down leathers from 1000s of options to just two types and 3 colors. The leathers had to be soft and something you would want to touch all day long, but hardy enough to beat around and still last forever, oh and also be made right here in America. (The last part narrows my options substantially) Then I picked hardware, strapping, and zippers, which also takes a lot of time if you are as picky as I am. And eventually, about two months ago, we had our final product! Then patterns are perfected, die cuts made ( huge metal cookie cutters that are used to cut out each bag to perfection ) and materials are ordered. 
I thought I would have these products in my hands by now, but all good things take time and I am not one to rush perfection. This means I will be working hard to get the website up and ready to take pre-orders over the next two weeks, and the first couple of weeks the collection will be pre-order only, with the bags shipping out to you in time for the holidays! Although this is not the most ideal of circumstances, I am so excited to be working with such talented individuals on these two new bag styles. 
So this is an email to let you know that pre-order for all new bags (5 in total) will be available on November 9th!  
We will have a wallet that can transition from a perfect wallet to organize your tote, to a cross body or clutch. A fanny pack that will take you from day to night, or from hike to dinner. Our classic cross body bag that can be worn three ways. A perfectly stylish cross body or should bag with the most amazing strapping you will ever see. And lastly our work tote. The most ideal bag for people that wear big bags on the regular. 
So to finish this off, I want to thank all of you ladies and gents who have been so kind and patient with me. I never expected things would take this long, but life happens and we move forward. This will be some of the best product I have ever designed/made/offered to you guys, so please take a look at the website or stop into the store to see the prototypes starting in 10 days :) 
Dreamy giant die cuts for the new Chelsea design
When I saw samples of this leather my heart hurt out of love. Can't wait to see this one in bag form. 

Zippers for our work tote :)
These babies were edge painted on all sides to make sure they looked perfect before they are even sewn to the bag. 
More sneak peak photos coming soon. 
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