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Wyebrook Music Festival

May 03, 2016
The Spring/ Summer 2016 line came out one week ago. Emily and I were done a little earlier than expected, so we launched the site early. (Not before a celebratory dinner and a couple drinks fro...
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Front Page News. Thank You Daily Local!

April 25, 2016
Well, this was a fun weekend...   Enjoying ourselves at a concert this past Saturday night, at the Fillmore in Philly, it was brought to Brit and my attention that we were trending on Facebook. ...
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Backroom Talk: Episode I

April 11, 2016
So much learning is happening right now. To the point where my brain hurts.   Taxes are the main cause of my brain pain. Luckily, the only taxes I file for Tesoro are PA sales tax and something cal...
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The Lime Light

April 01, 2016
Tesoro products are all about quality and low quantity. We only make around 3 bags in each color range for every collection. The low production number, and the unique quality of every hide insures ...
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Ahead of Schedule

March 30, 2016
Thats right, no typos here. I am shockingly AHEAD of schedule. (Skips around studio singing loudly.) With just sixteen days until we start shooting and exactly one month until we launch the site, ...
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Spring Summer 2016 Inspiration

March 24, 2016
Hey guys! Its Thursday, which for many of you means a long weekend to celebrate Easter with your family. The same cannot be said for Emily and I. We will be hard at work tomorrow. Today I finished ...
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Twenty-four Days

March 22, 2016
The Countdown Begins As of today, I have exactly 24 days (including weekends) until we launch the Spring and Summer line on our website and at the Wyebrook Music Festival held on April 30th. (If yo...
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Reversible Clutches

March 16, 2016
And so it begins... This week I started to work on our Spring/Summer line. We have just over a month until we launch (the launch date is April 30th), and I am already starting to feel the pressure....
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