Tesoro's Tongue — covid-19


Finding Joy During a Global Pandemic

February 28, 2021
Thriving during a pandemic  Its almost been a for 365 days since this pandemic/lockdown began. If you are anything like me you are still coping with the loneliness and weirdness that staying home,...
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How to Care for Real Fur

November 25, 2020
Hi all!  I have had quite a few questions about how to care for the Vintage fur coats I have been selling for the past week or so. I wanted to touch on some really important information because car...
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How are you feeling?

April 01, 2020
Hey Everyone What a crazy world we are living in. I made the graphic "how are you feeling" because it is how I have been starting all my conversations this week. Instead of "how are you doing?". I ...
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