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Tesoro's Tongue — ethically made

Come with us behind the scenes of Tesoro Design! Here, we document our experiences of running a handmade in America leather handbag company. Updated daily.

Pricing Transparency - Find out how we price our bags

The Chelsea bag is one of our most popular bags. We love it because you can you can wear it as a crossbody or shoulder bag. Some can even also be worn as a backpack. Switch up the chain color or crossbody strap to make it your own!  Raw Materials-  Leather- About $70. Leather is tough to price because it doesn't come to us like fabric. Certain hides can be shorter, wider, some have more scaring and others have a wide variation of weight which can't always be used for each bag piece.  Short Strap- $17.50. The short strap is made by an equestrian company in the Lancaster area. They are sturdy and sleek! I don't have the machine that...
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Slow Fashion for all sizes in Philly

PLEASE NOTE - THIS EVENT HAS BEEN POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE DUE TO COVID-19.  We've partnered with Alice Alexander to bring you a weekend long IN PERSON event on Saturday May 16th and Sunday May 17th in Philadelphia celebrating inclusive, sustainable, ethical fashion. A weekend of community  Mingle and network with likeminded folksEat, drink, and enjoy live music Shop our slow fashion marketplace with diverse retailers (in price point and size). All apparel retailers will carry up to a lease a size 22 with the majority of retailers carrying up to a 28/30 and several plus size exclusive retailers. Vendors include slow, sustainable, ethical brands as well as vintage and consignment. A little bit of everything!Dynamic speakers ready to inspire and uplift Interactive panels facilitating...
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The dangers of letting fast fashion companies off easy.

Welcome to the rant wheel! (Lovett or Leave It podcast listeners, welcome!)  I recently read an article that H&M is now using wine waste to create their leather products Cool. I guess? There are a lot of companies bragging about their newfound desire to be more sustainable, and I am on board for it. But I think there is something so telling about the fashion industry, when multiple news sources consider this a “win”. H&M is one of the largest fast fashion companies in the world. They don’t pay their Retail workers and garment workers a living wage, either here in the US in store or overseas. I can’t help but think that this new race to be more sustainable...
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Ethical Fashion Holiday Gift Guide

It's that time of the year again, the Holidays are here! And that means we get to tell you about some of our favorite local ethical brands and makers.  This year we're going to sort our brands by the products they make. Starting with the thing you likely do first in the morning, put your clothes on!  Alice Alexander The designer behind Alice Alexander is a beautiful, 6ft tall women who had trouble finding clothes that truly fit her, so she decided to create her own collection. She has since hired multiple female seamstresses that benefit from a flexible schedule and fair pay. She is a direct to consumer brand which means she keeps her prices fair by cutting out the...
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On Transparency

How we price Tesoro products Pricing products is a constant battle of balance. There are so many factors that go into the pricing of each product. Not to mention the importance of being competitive with other handbag companies.  The three deciding factors revolve around variable costs, fixed costs, and profit margins.  Our variable prices include things like the cost of our raw materials (leather is measured by the square foot, so I calculate how many square feet of leather per bag to find the cost), hardware costs, the amount of time each bag takes to make times how much I should be paying myself for the time, and other costs like shipping for the raw materials.  The second big factor...
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Why Leather?

Leather often gets a bad wrap, let's talk about why.  Fashion revolution week is here, and we want to take a couple of minutes to talk to you a little about leather, and where it all belongs in the movement for ethical fashion and sustainability. I often tell customers that the last time a burger is eaten in America will be the last day that I use leather in my products. Leather gets a bad wrap for a couple of reasons. The main one being that cows are a contributor to greenhouse gas emissions because of the amount of methane cows produce. We cannot deny that farming has a major impact on global warming. But a large percentage of all cows are...
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