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Come with us behind the scenes of Tesoro Design! Here, we document our experiences of running a handmade in America leather handbag company. Updated daily.

Wyebrook Music Festival

The Spring/ Summer 2016 line came out one week ago. Emily and I were done a little earlier than expected, so we launched the site early. (Not before a celebratory dinner and a couple drinks from Sidebar obviously) We couldn’t believe the positive response! We sold 2 bags before the site was even live, and since then we have sold another seven.  Not exactly Prada, but its all about the small victories for small businesses.      This weekend we spent our Saturday at Wyebrook Farm. One of my favorite places in the world, Wyebrook is a sustainable farm to table that features gorgeous indoor and outdoor eating spaces, and trails throughout the property to have a little adventure. Their...
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Front Page News. Thank You Daily Local!

Well, this was a fun weekend...   Enjoying ourselves at a concert this past Saturday night, at the Fillmore in Philly, it was brought to Brit and my attention that we were trending on Facebook.  Part of the above sentence is horrifyingly untrue.  Yes, we were at a concert at the Fillmore, but we were not trending on any form of social media. Although, my phone was inundated with text messages and Facebook notifications around 8:45pm. Knowing that in Sundays paper The Daily Local News was going to run a story on the inception of Tesoro Design, Brit and I were pleasantly surprised to see that the article was posted to their website Saturday night. Apparently, our family and friends saw it...
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Backroom Talk: Episode I

So much learning is happening right now. To the point where my brain hurts.   Taxes are the main cause of my brain pain. Luckily, the only taxes I file for Tesoro are PA sales tax and something called a business privilege tax. Let me tell you, filing this thing is anything but a privilege.   “Why in the world is this person in charge of accounting for a company?” is a question you may be asking yourself. Yes, I did take an accounting class in college. Ironically, the class was completely in French (a language I am far from fluent in), and all I learned was that there is such a thing as accounts receivable. Didn’t learn what it...
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We're On Pinterest!

Did you know that almost all photos on this site are pinnable? Well, now you do know, so please, get pinning.  Yes, Tesoro is now on Pinterest. With boards like Interior World, Turquoise, and #WCW, get a sneak peek into the inspiration and lifestyle that is Tesoro Design. I think you will be highly entertained, or at the very least, inspired.   Oh, and you can also shop Tesoro products right off of Pinterest boards. The products pinned from our site onto Pinterest are 100% shoppable. So do you get the importance of repinning? Repin Tesoro everything! Please :)  
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