At the Brow Bar

At the Brow Bar

ICYMI. Tesoro is so excited to announce that we are now selling at The Brow Bar in West Chester PA. Tara Giorgio is a young female entrepreneur, just like Emily and I. She started her work at Ulta and QVC, and has expanded her business into her own location. At just 23 years old Tara has over 200 return clients.

Her services include brow mapping, waxing and shaping, as well as bikini waxing and removing those stubborn whiskers above your lip. (Because we refuse to call them mustaches :P ) All of her services are well priced, and she does an amazing job. I am the first person to be skeptical about getting my brows done. I had a bad experience at a salon inside of a mall in college ( I know I should have known better right? ) and lets just say the name Megan Fox was dropped, and my eyebrows quickly disappeared. I am a fan of fierce, bold brows, and Tara feels exactly the same. She will tame them for you in ways you could never imagine. 

Taras Gorgeous shop. She and he dad removed the plaster wall to expose all of that beautiful brick themselves!  <3

Tara is a high energy, positive women, and we are so pumped to be working with her. So next time you are in town, do yourself a favor and go over to her shop at 131 West Gay Street to become part of her Brow Gang. And pick up a new handbag while you are at it.

Find Taras Brow Bar online at 


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