Tesoro X Alyssa Brieanne Embroidery

Tesoro X Alyssa Brieanne Embroidery

Another Collab to Lust Over

Happy Sunday! So many new things happening for Tesoro right now. The first of which is this collaboration that I have been dying to share with you guys! Alyssa found me on Instagram, and after she messaged me to tell me she could embroider on leather, I freaked out and knew exactly what I wanted to make. 

When I first started Tesoro I had a list of items I always wanted to make. They included things like pillows (COMING SOON), a leather scarf with wire in it that you could change the shape of, among many other wild things. One of those things was a leather handkerchief with a paisley pattern embroidered on. I reached out to a few companies years ago to see if one of them would be willing to work with me, and I got a lot of unanswered emails because embroidering on leather is difficult.  So when Alyssa reached out to tell me it was possible, I basically lost my mind :) 

Alyssa in her East Falls Studio Apartment where she works!  

The project was inspired by my Grandfather. A World War II veteran, he believes in hard work and utilitarian items and has always been an inspiration to me, as he was a business owner in York, PA for most of his life. You can always find him in a pair of Levis, cowboy boots, a button up and a bolo. His shirt pocket often has a pen and a handkerchief in it for easy access, and honestly, his outfits are pretty similar to what I wear these days. I thought I might have been imagining the handkerchief part, but my mom confirmed that he often wore one in his wood shop behind his home. (If you guys are familiar with the Ron Swanson character in Parks and Rec, my grandfather is basically the real-life version of him). He has passed his 90th birthday and he is still reading World War II books, and watching the History channel constantly. lol

   Above- My Grandma and Grandpa Thompson, you can see him rocking his bolo, belt and watch, all Native American made. 

I told Alyssa what I was looking to make, and she came up with the print herself. Aside from being a talented embroider, she is also a gifted print designer. This print is original to our collab, and can't be found anywhere else in the world! I am so excited about how these turned out. Wear it as a choker by folding it into a thin strip, rock it as a scarf in the Fall/Winter (it will keep you super warm), or tie it on your bag to make it even more unique. 

Alyssa and I also decided to make some handkerchief inspired belts that are honestly so flattering! They tie in the back like a corset and can be worn at your waist with a dress or at your hip with a pair of bell bottoms. 

I have super limited quantities of these gorgeous pieces, so grab them while they are still available! And take a look at Alyssa's Instagram to see more of her work. 


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  • How much are these beautiful dresses? The best quality I’ve ever seen.

  • How much are these beautiful dresses? The best quality I’ve ever seen.


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