The Photo Shoot

The Photo Shoot

This past Sunday, what could have turned into a bloodbath of cattiness ended as an inspiring and successful eleven hour photo shoot. Switching up our shooting process from previous collections, Brit and I worked with local women photographers and a videographer to capture our S/S 17 line.

Typically, we shoot our collections outdoors and either end the day with frostbitten fingers or total dehydration depending on the season. Not wanting to repeat either of those situations, every photo was shot inside the well-heated Brow Bar this time around. Owner of The Brow Bar, Tara Giorgio, graciously opened the doors for us on her day off and even modeled in a few of our pictures. Tara has a very strong personal style and knows her way around a Tesoro bag. Needless to say, she looked phenomenal in her photos and worked that camera like no one else I know. 

Another change we made is the overall style of our photos for this collection. With professional photographers Sabina and Arantxa at the shoot to pose us, give us direction and bounce ideas off each other, we were able to really begin to move Tesoro in the direction we want it to go. In the long run, we hope Tesoro will be a fashion brand and have less of a high-end craft show kind of vibe. Three cheers for progress!

There is so much more about Sunday that I want to tell you however, I'm not going to give too much away. Let's leave a little mystery between us. Just know that you can expect a lot of color, more of an editorial look, and photos so shareable you'll have no choice but to show everyone you know.

Get ready to have your visual mind explode when these photos begin to roll out on March 3rd.

PS -  We will also be launching a professional (non-Facebook live) video thanks to Maria Vattimo very shortly. 

We're moving up in this world!

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  • Do hope I can make this one and share in your joy✨

    Denise Kandravi
  • I cannot wait to see the new photos as well as the Spring/Summer line…so exciting!!!


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