The Rest of the Cow: Shake Shack

The Rest of the Cow: Shake Shack

For the first installment of what I like to call "The Rest of the Cow," Brit and I went to the King of Prussia branch of Shake Shack. 

Since this is the first time I am introducing this segment of the blog, let me explain. It is not very complicated, but you know how all of our bags are leather (aka cow)? Well, burgers are cow (one hopes), and Brit and I love burgers and fries so obviously we found a fun way to work that into our business. Once a month we will dine at a local restaurant that serves organic and non-GMO burgers. The meal will be documented with pictures and a review will follow. All will be posted right here on the blog for your viewing pleasure. 

As previously mentioned, our first adventure took place at Shake Shack.

Rarely leaving my apartment because I'd rather be playing with my kitty cat, I have been living under a rock and had no idea Shake Shack serves 100% natural beef that is vegetarian fed, humanely raised, source verified, and hormone and antibiotic free.


Conveniently, Shake Shack is located in the back parking lot of King of Prussia Mall, so we were able to do some cardio (dressing rooms are hot, which makes you sweat, which gets your heart rate up) before stuffing our faces. This was only the second time either of us had ever stepped foot in a Shake Shack so we actually had to look at the menu. Brit chose a hamburger with lettuce, tomato, onion and ShackSauce. I ordered the exact same thing, minus the tomato. Of course we both ordered crinkle fries. 


After placing our order, we were given a buzzer and took a seat while our food was prepared. We only had to wait about 10 minutes, which was far from a catastrophe. Although, we were on the cusp of hangry...


Fresh, flavorful, and fantastic was how our meal tasted. The fries were the perfect degree of crispiness. They made that satisfying crack when bitten into, but the interior was soft and warm. Every mouthwatering bite of the burger was packed with color. By that I mean, every veggie and even the burger itself had a bright healthy natural color.


Not overly enormous, we finished our meals feeling satisfied but not disgustingly full. We decided to fix that and ordered milkshakes. 



Besides the food that a restaurant serves, it's level of cleanliness is rather important. At Shake Shack, the kitchen is basically the counter you order from so you are up close and personal with the people preparing the food. Honestly, it looked extremely clean. No need to worry about finding things in your burger that shouldn't be there. I also must note that the bathroom was particularly tidy for a fast food joint. Not going to lie, I tend to hold my breath when walking into public restrooms. Happy to report I could inhale freely during my time spent in the Shake Shack restroom. 

With that being said, I would like to thank you for reading our first installment of "The Rest of the Cow." Please keep an eye out for round 2, coming March 2017.


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