The Study of Print Mixing, Now Offered at Oxford

Aside from jumpsuits, we love mixed (drinks) prints here at Tesoro. And summer is truly the peak time to have fun. The sun is out to play and unfortunately, feet are too. Therefore, never look down while talking to someone in the warm weather months and always remember sunscreen.

As we have mentioned before, the trick is not to go overboard when conjoining prints. Cheetah print is a neutral, yes, but that doesn't mean it works with red and white polka dots. Take a deep breath, and remember the rules. 

1. Match a loud print to a quiet print. To translate that for you, a small floral print pairs perfectly with stripes. If you don't believe me please scroll up for photographic evidence.  

2. You can start by mixing printed accessories. Kitschy heels in a cherry print would look more Carrie Bradshaw and less pinup cartoon girl, with a printed clutch or headband depending how far you want to travel down the retro avenue of broken dreams. 

3. Have fun! Often the one thing people forget when it comes to fashion, it happens to be the most important. Of course appropriateness is never taken out of the equation. You wouldn't wear cat ears and a tutu to your office job right? Right! However, an office job never needs to mean the death of your wardrobe. Believe me, I will be happy if I never see another ill-fitting button up blouse as long as I live. Find a decent tailor and you find your happily ever after. 

Now you are ready. Go mix yourself silly! And if you get it wrong, it's not my fault. 


Brit: skit-Forever 21, top-Kimchi Blue, bag-Tesoro Design, heels-Ralph Lauren

Photos by Pam Thompson Reed

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