Trending: Athleisure

Trending: Athleisure

Athleisure. I hated it, than I embraced it (a little), now I kind of like it. Anything that says "I go to the gym and am a yoga guru," without having to break a sweat can't be that awful. Just like 99% of other #girlbosses, I exercise when able, but do I like it? I don't know. 

I believe that sweat is your bodies way of crying. After lying in bed for seven hours binging on Parks & Rec (Vote Knope 2016), it is now being forced to move ferociously on the elliptical. Of course it's sad. And also a little confused. 

Athleisure is a way to remove the less than stellar moments of working out and leave the best part, the fashion. What may be the first time clothes have leaned more towards comfort than style (Juicy Couture tracksuits anyone?), stepping out in a white tank, sweat jacket, jeans and a baseball cap (preferably in leather) might even get you snapped for a street style photo. I say we should all embrace the times! Next season, who knows, corsets could be back.  

This past summer, the rise of Athleisure made me do the unthinkable, order sneakers. A bit of a convert, sneakers can now be frequently seen on my feet. Although, no matter how comfortable and bunion eliminating sneakers may be, they will never be heels. Not even if Isabel Marant says otherwise.  

So take note, if you see me walking around town in gym shorts, a tank, and Nike's, that just means I'm lazy. But if you see me in track pants, a tank and heels, that's athleisure. 


Brit: vintage pants-no name, tank-UNIQLO, baseballe cap-no name, shoes-H&M,

Em: top-H&M, shorts-Champion, shoes-Trufalac, leather bag-Tesoro Design

Photos: Pam Thompson-Reed

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