True Life: I was a Fashion Victim

True Life: I was a Fashion Victim

Now that I have crossed over into what people like to refer to as their mid-twenties, I thought it would be amusing to revisit some looks of my past. Diving deep into ancient Facebook albums, the only word I could utter as I clicked from picture to picture was "why?" 

Big hair, tight cardigans, leggings as pants (pre-athleisure), yes, these may have been the looks of the time, but honestly, it doesn't make them any more acceptable. It's slightly haunting because the girl in these photos has my eyes and mouth, but that's about all her and I have in common these days. Instead of hiding behind Amy Winehouse worthy hairstyles, I wear my hair no longer than chin length now and have completely abolished eyeliner from my makeup arsenal. The girl in these photos is still trying to find her style. If present day me were to tell nineteen-year-old me that her true personal style is minimal, tailored, and feminine, nineteen-year-old me would have laughed and said "You're never fully dressed until you have on at least one piece of cheetah print."

 Lucky for me, and all of us really, social media has captured our fashion crimes for all of eternity. Even the photos you delete still linger somewhere in data land. At the time, I was proud to have shared these photos on Facebook. Once uploaded, I sat captivated at my computer waiting for the likes and comments to roll in. Now, these photos are #tbt gold. And perfect ways to blackmail me on future birthdays.

So, here they are for your enjoyment, my biggest fashion failures.

Laugh along with me and share yours in the comment section below!  

Senior year of high school I was on the varsity cheerleading team.

We went to Disney World for Nationals and this was my look for our nice dinner out in Epcot.

That polkadot top was my favorite at the time and my go-to for any event I felt I needed to look chic for. 


Christmas, my senior year of high school. I believe I was going for an Old Hollywood/preppy vibe.

Unfortunately, I remember feeling really proud of how I styled this lovely little black dress.

Those sparkly tights...


The first time I went to Paris, France.

I think this look is called feminine goth. 


Blair Waldorf was my inspiration for everything at this point. Her closet was my fantasy and I tried very hard to channel her into every look.

This was also the first day I ever wore red lipstick. 


Parents weekend, freshman year of college.

Leggings, layered tank tops, a dead muppet as a vest, and plastic pearls.

Clearly was trying to be the Halloween version of Rachel Zoe. This was one of my favorite outfits by the way. 


When you go to a party as a freshman and have no clue what to wear so you end up looking like a confused secretary. 


I thought I was a Parisian.

P.S. I wore this to class freshman year, I wasn't popular. 


My 20th birthday look. Be happy you can't see the shoes.

If I still had any part of this outfit I'm pretty sure I'd burn it.  


Living in Paris as a junior in college, I tried to mimic that Parisian laid-back style.

It didn't work.

Yeah, those pants, they're pleather.  


The night I turned 22. As a senior in college, I thought I was worldly considering I had just lived in France for 9.5 months.

Instead, I look like the Lilly Pulitzer version of a hooker. 


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  • Emily you are so funny…what fun to watch as you find you true fashion sense!!!

    Yvonne Curry on

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