Your New Equipment

Your New Equipment

 Skepticism with a touch of concern is the reaction we received after telling our investors we were going to make leather harnesses. Can't say I blame them.

With even the mention of a leather harness the mind tends to stray across the Atlantic Ocean to the adult friendly shops lining the streets of Paris's Pigalle neighborhood. Or maybe even something from the Fifty Shades of Grey collection at Spencer's. 

Honestly though, neither of those images was the look we were aiming for. 

Edgy, urban, and confident are the vibes we hope to communicate with our newest accessory. After all, a harness is a statement piece just like a beaded bib necklace or shoulder skimming earrings would be. The outfit you wear your harness with should be simple. Keep things relaxed and comfortable. A harness worn with a corset and low rise jeans says 'socialite' circa 2001. A harness worn with a turtleneck and cropped wide leg jeans shows you have personal style that is chic, daring, and modern. 

You skeptics out there may laugh when I tell you that a harness is an accessory that can single-handedly upgrade your entire wardrobe due to its simplicity and versatility.

Cue laughter...


Now that that's out of your system allow me to explain. Our t-strap harness, when broken down, is essentially a choker and a belt with a piece of leather in between acting as a connector. How simple is that in terms of construction?! Basically, our t-strap harness is the marriage of two fabulous accessories, a choker and a belt. What a beautiful couple they make.  

Now, let's tackle the versatility aspect. 

Jumpsuits, slip dresses, t-shirts, and denim are just a few of the pieces you can wear our harnesses with.

Our t-strap harness is great for layering under a jumpsuit with a low-cut crisscross neckline or a blazer with a gravity defying V-neck. Unfortunately, if you're a lawyer or in the corporate world in general, I don't suggest wearing a harness as a shirt under your suit. But how easy a transition would this be from work to dinner with your girls on a Friday night?   


Also, an essential look with the t-strap style is high-waisted jeans and a vintage tee. Our harnesses are made to measure so if you wish to make your harness long enough to string through the belt loops of your favorite jeans, we can make it happen. 

Things become a bit more interesting when it comes to our most elaborate harness. Still beginning with a choker, this harness then has a piece that goes over your head followed by two leather straps that wrap around to your back where they all come together in harmony.

I would highly recommend keeping your silhouette minimal when wearing this style harness. As you can see below, I chose a vintage denim DKNY dress and it worked beautifully. A black slip dress (without lace and at least midi length) is also a great match with this style. 

Remember, the harness is your statement piece so don't distract from it. Let it be the focal point of your outfit. 


It would be rude of me to end this post without mentioning prints. No, our harnesses don't come in prints (brown, black and tan are your options), but they can be worn with them. The t-strap style in particular goes exceptionally well with a brightly colored printed summer dress.

These warmer months beckon us to reach into our closets and pull out our breeziest and most flirty dress we can find. Although, as I have learned from my diverse friend group, which includes women who would die for another Lilly Pulitzer dress and those that would drop dead out of horror if a Lilly garment even brushed against their skin, not everyone plays up their inner girly girl. No matter your taste, we can all enjoy a sliver of femininity in our wardrobes. So, for those of you who are anti-frill and flounce have no fear because our harnesses are here.  

Similar to what Dr. Martens and leather biker jackets did for florals in the 90s, a harness can take a summer dress from Charlotte York to Carrie Bradshaw in a nano-second. 

Lastly, I cannot send you off into the world of extreme accessorizing without telling you to never ever under any circumstances wear a harness with anything strapless or halter. You will never be forgiven. If you doubt me, put on a strapless dress with a harness then look in the mirror. You'll understand real fast. 

On that very serious note, remember to have fun when it comes to dressing yourself. Even if you wake up every morning cringing at the thought of choosing an outfit, you can't run around naked so learn to love your closet. Take a deep breath, open the most recent Harper's Bazaar and find out why so many of us devote our lives to the very interesting world of fashion. 


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