Tesoro's Tongue


Made for you, By you!

January 19, 2019
GUYS!! I cannot contain my excitement. After years of wanting to teach you amazing humans a little about leather work, I have finally found the time, help and location that I needed to make it work...
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Permanent Changes

January 19, 2019
Hey guys!  Happy new year! I can't believe I haven't written on here since November. Lots has happened since then, and the Holidays were our best yet here at Tesoro. There are a couple quick things...
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Grinches Guide to Gifting

November 11, 2018
The way I see it, we are a country divided. Not to worry, this isn’t an opinion piece on the extreme political polarity of America, as tempting as that is with mid-term elections being last week. I...
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Patience and Pre-order

October 24, 2018
Pre-order As November quickly closes in, so do my nerves. About 7 months ago I decided that being the only maker in my business was holding me back and that I needed to make some changes if I want...
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Made It- Tesoro Takes Philly

August 18, 2018
Tesoro is officially open, and we have a new home! This post contains lots of before and after photos, so check it out to see all the work we have done!
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Tesoro X Chiix

June 15, 2018
We couldn't be more excited to share some behind the scenes info on our newest collaboration with Alli VanKleek, designer, and owner at www.chiixmakecoolshit.com.
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Finding Sanity

June 14, 2018
The Summer of change.  Hey, again guys. So as you guys know, so much has changed in the past few months, and I am here to tell you that there is more change to come.  Over the past couple weeks, I ...
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