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Custom Embossing/ Monogramming

$ 12.50

Everything is more fun when you personalize it, at least that's how we feel at Tesoro. Perfect for yourself or a gift, add initials, a letter, or even a meaningful word to your Tesoro product. Just add this "product" to your cart with a note specifying what you would like embossed and in what color (gold, silver, or neither like on the middle tag in the photo).

We have two fonts! Futura light in a 1/2 inch height, great for mens items or smaller products! We also have a new larger font called Onyx and is about 2 inches tall, perfect for key fobs, wallets, and tags to add to bags! We also have two number sizes, a small and large. Both are block, sans serif fonts. 

PLEASE NOTE: This is a new feature for us, as such a few of our leathers cannot be embossed. In the future we will be offering more leather that work for our custom embossing machine. Hair on hide products cannot be embossed. Pieces made in pebble grain can only be embossed like the middle tag in the photo. Our snake and Ikat leathers cannot be embossed as well.

We would be happy to add a tag to your bag with your custom embossing if you are purchasing a bag without embossing capabilities.