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Studio Address-
21 South High Street , West Chester PA, 19382
Phone Number- 484-237-8106
Brittany (Designer) - brit@tesoro.design
Emily (General Questions) - emily@tesoro.design
Tesoro Design, which began in 2013 as a custom leather company by Brittany Reed, has certainly grown a lot over the years. The now two-woman team of Brit and Emily Pisano have transformed Tesoro into what it is today, a collection based ready-to-wear leather company that aims to empower women and raise awareness on the damaging effects of the leather industry. 
While Brit and Emily both have a history of working in the fashion industry, the individual skills they bring to Tesoro are vastly different. Brit, the designer of the duo, creates each bag by hand with the occasional and always appreciated help from Smucker Harness Comapny of Lancaster, PA. Tucked away in her studio, Brit can typically be found sewing the latest collection or posting behind the scenes shots to Tesoro's Instagram. 
When not glued to her computer managing the budget, researching stores, and thinking up marketing strategies, Emily is out meeting with store owners and checking up on Tesoro bags sold in one of Tesoro's six brick and mortar stockists. A stickler for organization, Emily makes sure her and Brit are where they need to be and always five minutes early. 
Learn more about Tesoro's mission and see why buying a bag from Tesoro is not only a purchase that will make you look good, but one that will make you feel good too. 
Tesoro = Treasure 



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