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Our Story

Empower women, minimize our carbon footprint, raise awareness of the leather industry's damaging effects and conquer the world.             

Photo by Sabina Sister

Women-owned leather accessories company in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

Tesoro Design was built to empower women. Founded by Brit Reed a millennial woman and Fashion Institute of Technology graduate, Tesoro aims to provide products that make women’s lives easier. With a focus on multi-functional products, every Tesoro bag can be worn and styled uniquely by every single fierce female that shops with us.
We believe that supporting American companies is not only better for our communities, but also for the environment, and we aim to teach you a little more about the fashion industry along the way. We want to show you how each purchasing decision you make drives the industry into a better place for the world as a whole. Conscious shopping is here to stay, and we are excited to be a part of this growing community.
Raising awareness of the damaging effects of the fashion industry is at the heart of Tesoro Design. The fashion industry, and specifically the leather industry, is riddled with problems. From workers being exposed to dangerous chemicals, to child labor, every piece of a handbag can have serious consequences. By working to educate people about these problems, we hope to help women understand the power she has to make a change and save lives. 
 Tesoro Design is located in the heart of Philadelphia, PA on South Street. At Tesoro’s flagship store you will find Brit carefully crafting every product you see on our website, or in store. We make a small number of bags because we know that women want something unique and special. Only two - five bags are made in each style and color range. With the intention of uplifting other female entrepreneurs, Tesoro’s shop also features artists from the Philadelphia area like jewelers, illustrators, and potters. 

Brittany Reed working with leather

Raising awareness on the damaging effects of the leather industry is at the heart of Tesoro Design. By sourcing as much of their materials as possible from within the US, Brit hopes to teach her customers why it is important to care about the journey of a handbag before it is purchased. 
The leather industry is incredibly damaging to both the environment and those who work in its tanneries, particularly outside America where regulations are either less strict or nonexistent. By sourcing leather from within the US, Tesoro can provide handbags that do not contribute to the destruction of a country's natural resources, towns, and people.
Sourcing materials within America and keeping production local significantly reduces Tesoro's carbon footprint. Fewer fossil fuels are used to ship materials needed to create a Tesoro bag. In addition, Brit uses local Pennsylvania companies to fulfill many of Tesoro's needs. 
If you wish to read further about the leather industry's damaging effects please check out this article from the Pulitzer Center.
Thank you for taking the time to learn about Tesoro Design. Take a look at the site or come visit their West Chester store and become a member of the #TesoroTribe! 


Where to Shop Tesoro 

Flagship store -
1533 South Street, Philadelphia PA 19146
Hours - 
Open- Wednesday through Friday- 12PM-6PM
Saturday- 11AM-7PM
Sunday- 11AM-4PM
Closed- Monday and Tuesday


Contact - for any inquiries