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Brick & Mortar

Our shop features other female entrepreneurs work, all from the Philly area. To learn more about each of our talented ladies, keep reading! 

Stone Cooper

Stone Cooper is a handcrafted jewelry company, founded by designer and maker, Katherine (Kat) Sliclen in 2013. Created with a conscience and appreciation for quality, Stone Cooper strives to provide distinctive, wearable pieces that tell a story and make you feel your best. Inspired by nature and beauty in the unexpected, it is a collection of meaningful jewels including original designs in silversmithing, casting, beadwork, metal-stamping, wirework, and repurposing.


Florelle Studio

F L O R E L L E 
"Where do I begin? Though I’ve gone by Ellie my whole life, my real name is Florelle. I spent the last year in Australia, and as if by design, I met an incredible artist @jessica_leclerc who taught and inspired me and also loves to call me Florelle. Thanks to Jess, my year in Australia and some other amazing people, this art journey I am on has taken a wild turn. I am excited to chase after art, in all its unruly forms, wherever it takes me. And I’m excited to take you with me. 


Turnstyle Art

Christine Tischio, the artist behind TurnstyleART, was born and raised in central New Jersey. She attended Montclair State University where she graduated in 2008 with her Bachelor’s Degree in Art Education. 
Artist Statement - " As an artist, it is my goal to encourage others to find beauty in the discarded. I choose to work with recycled materials to create not only a work of art, but to share my passion for creative reuse and sustainability. I work with recycled security envelopes as my medium of choice-- they often go unnoticed, flood our mailboxes daily and contribute to a larger, nationwide waste issue-- but they also have unique and interesting designs inside that provide unlimited possibilities to become something beautiful. Each of my envelope collages is thoughtfully drawn, cut and arranged using these intricately patterned papers. The visual textures of the envelopes against the flat, graphic pen work, create a juxtaposition that encourages viewers to take a closer look at the artwork, as well as what they throw away."



Meaghan Paige Design

Meaghan Paige Daly is a Women's Ready-to-Wear designer and world traveler. Her love of travel and communication with different cultures has greatly influenced her way of thinking. She was always encouraged, from a very young age, to explore her surroundings and express herself through drawing. After being invited to showcase her first ever collection at New York Fashion Week in 2015 for a non-profit organization, she decided to name her brand 'Meaghan Paige'.

Her work is incredibly influenced by travel, art, music, culture, and her own family. Her designs have been photographed on locations in Paris, Italy, Ireland, Spain and a return to NYFW in September of 2018.


Brittany Paige

Hi there. I'm Brittany,  the designer behind this one-woman design studio. A Jersey girl working in Manhattan, I spend my days as a corporate graphic designer in the apparel industry. In addition to creating my own stationery product line, I love collaborating with brands on one of a kind projects. On my days off, you can most likely find me eating something unhealthy, buying clothes I shouldn’t be buying or hanging around with my golden lab.