Mission Statement


Mom (or a great librarian) always told you never to judge a book by its cover, but did you know the same can be said for Tesoro handbags? A quick glance at our product page will aesthetically please you. And while we are thrilled to give you something to ooh and ah over, the mission and story behind our leather bags are what Tesoro Design is really about.

 To empower women, minimize our carbon footprint, raise awareness on the leather industry's damaging effects, and conquer the world. This is Tesoro’s mission.


Empowering Women

 Classic yet modern, practical yet elegant. Our handcrafted leather bags adjust to your needs while giving you the confidence to own any room you walk in to. Whether you are running from the office to a work event or from your child’s daycare to date night, our bags can make the transition with you. We believe that style should never be sacrificed for functionality and our bags prove that is possible with their removable/adjustable straps and reversibility.

 Tesoro products are locally made by a girlboss for the inner girlboss in us all.


Carbon Footprint

 By sourcing our leather and hardware throughout the US, while also manufacturing 100% of our inventory in Pennsylvania, our carbon footprint is diminished. Obtaining our materials and manufacturing within America also means fewer fossil fuels are used to ship and transport our products. In addition to keeping production within the states, we make an effort to shop locally when it comes to photography, advertising materials, and many of our other day to day tasks.  Researching new ways to further minimize our carbon footprint and putting them into action is something Tesoro Design is consistently working on.


Raising Awareness

 Do you know where your leather comes from? Chances are you don’t. While many tags sewn inside bags, shoes, and gloves may say “Made in USA” the leather to make those products was most likely imported from India or China where regulations to protect the environment and people are minimal. The Pulitzer on Crisis Reporting states that in the small town of Jajmau, which is surrounded by about 300 tanneries, people in the community and former tannery workers suffer from blindness, cancer, and mental and physical birth defects. Studies to the area have discovered chromium in the soil and water. The same soil and water that the community uses to drink and farm. Internationally, this is a common occurrence, especially when tanneries surround small towns like they do in Jajmau.

 Over time, the US has implemented stricter regulations for remaining American tanneries. Due to these increased regulations, companies have referred to sourcing their leather from overseas where they can get more for less. But cheaper isn’t necessarily always better, especially when the environment and lives of innocent people are being sacrificed.

 At the moment, we source as much of our hardware and leather from within the US as possible. We do not want to contribute to the destruction of the environment and the diminishing health of communities, which is why, starting Fall 2017, we are taking the next step. All of our bags will be made from cows that have been raised and sourced within the US. Working with US tanneries assures us that regulations are in place to protect local communities and the environment. Also, we hope to visit these tanneries and meet the people who are working them. As of now, we are in the process of narrowing down which we want to work with. Stay tuned because we are very excited to share more with you and tell you the full life cycle of your bag.


Conquering the World

 We can’t do this one without your help. Be a part of our #TesoroTribe! Feel empowered while empowering others, help our planet, learn something new and make a purchase you feel good about and one that looks good on you.