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This bag is pure perfection! Fits all the necessities for an evening out, goes with anything, and best of all it's the envy of every woman in the room. I get compliments on it every time I go out.


-Dara Zuckernick


OMG just amazingly gorgeous!!! Beautifully handmade bag! The leather is so super soft and buttery. The fringe looks amazing when walking. I've had people stop me on the street asking about this bag. I absolutely love it!!!!!!!!!!




I am absolutely IN LOVE with this mini bucket bag! It is the fifth handbag I have purchased from this company, and my other four are equally as fabulous. They are all on the medium to larger side. I purchased this bag because I wanted something that would be just right for the Holidays and beyond. I have already received several compliments on this bag. I love the combination of the gold hardware with the red. While this bag is definitely appropriate year-round, as red tends to work as a neutral in my wardrobe (looks great with all of my black/white/tan/grey), I'll definitely be carrying it from now through January...after all, I need to show off my other Tesoro products, too! As you can probably tell, I highly recommend!!



I literally love this bag . The gold is splashed onto the hair on hide and the patchy random nature of it makes it instantly one of a kind. It robust but has that sneaky glamours look too. Just goes with every thing. I've other Tesoro bags and they are all very hard wearing construction and leather and this is no exception. But what I like about this one is that it is just stand out style! The size is perfect for me.Literally not too big and small enough not to overwhelm me. The black leather used has that fab squishy feel and just the overall quality is really high, definitely worth the money and great that this is made in America and sourced here too. Just a great great product!





I can't stop sniffing it! Absolutely obsessed.



Put Your Hands Up in the Air & Wave 'Em Like You Just Don't Care

I particularly bought this wallet/belt bag to take it with me to Coachella Music & Arts Festival. The wallet went perfectly with my 70s inspired bohemian outfit. I got lots of compliments on my outfits, but specifically on the wallet belt bag. I didn't think I would use the wallet everyday, but soon after Coachella, I used the wallet. Everyday. The wallet/belt bag looks small, but was big enough to not just fit my iPhone, but also a tube of lipstick and mascara, and a mini portable charger - all at the same time! I didn't always like wearing the belt bag/wallet around my waist. (Is there even anyone out there that wears a fanny pack like that everyday anyways?) Instead of wearing the belt bag wallet around my waist, I would slide it through my wrist. It was so convenient! I never had to dig in my bag to find the wallet because it was right on my wrist. It never felt like it would ever slip off. The only draw bag there is to this bag is: if you don't condition and take care of the leather, the soft buttery texture will dull. The leather did wear out and wrinkle a bit, but I liked that it gave the wallet character. Almost like a pair of overworn converse- that vintage flare. I love the belt bag wallets and I will be buying more.


Stylish and cute!

I am a new comer to clutches but this one has totally converted me. It is roomy and it fits so much in there! I have used this bag for lots of different occasions, theater trips, dinner, and also in the city inside the large tote for a bit of added security! It was perfect. The zip is easy to use and makes you feel everything is secure in there and that nothing is going to fall out. It holds it's shape really well and I love the simple line of this bag, so elegant and easy to hold or tuck under your arm. I am totally sold on this shape and the leather! wow. This is embossed and super cool and goes with a surprising amount of other colors and styles of clothing. It is adaptable and super useful. ! I know these are a limited run and I was lucky enough to snag this one. I can see this bag working all year round as a really fantastic statement piece.