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Audrey Gray

$ 150.00


The Audrey was designed just like the rest of Tesoro’s bags, with functionality in mind. Our best selling bag can be worn three ways. The Audrey comes with a gorgeous and sturdy chain cross body strap that can be totally removed. The bag can also be worn as a fanny pack, that's right you heard us, a fanny pack. Use the back strip to feed a belt through or wear the bag on your wrist with the same strap in the other direction.

Each Audrey is lined with a soft leather, which makes the bag more durable than most bags, while still incorporating a refined design.

Tesoro sources high-quality domestic leathers. Our gray leather was chosen for the ladies who prefer something more subtle. Sometimes you don’t want your bag to be the biggest statement, and if that’s the case, this is the perfect color for you! 


Height- 6 inches

Width-  10 inches

Depth- 2 1/2inches