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Customize Our Styles- Choose your own leather

$ 300.00

If you love our styles but dream of something a bit more exciting and unique when it comes to materials, this is your chance to make all the choices you can imagine, while still honoring the bags I am passionate about making.

The price you see listed below is the price of the bag plus $100 built in for a downpayment on leather. The additional cost will be whatever the full hide of the leather costs. It is likely that the leather will cost a bit more than $100, so I will invoice you depending on the leather you decide to move forward with! An average price of a leather hide is about $250, but can be lower or higher depending on your preference. There are only three spaces open for each bag style. 

This process will start with a zoom call, where I can get an idea of what you are dreaming of. Then, I will send you leather samples. Once you decide on a sample, the bag will take around 3 weeks to complete and I will invoice you for the remaining costs of from the leather you chose.  

I love the idea of this as a birthday or anniversary gift (3 years is leather!), or if you are thinking ahead, it would be awesome for the holidays this year.