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DIY Custom Butt Embroidery

$ 75.00



These kits are new to us. We are trying to find a way to keep all of you amazing people busy during this extremely tough time. 

To complete this kit, you will need to send Brit a photo of your actual butt. If you are looking for lots of detail, a thong might be your best bet, but do what makes you comfortable! Throw on a swimsuit and we can use that too. You can pose with a little sass, or just straight on.

Most embroidery loops are filled with fabrics, but yours will come pre-stamped with your butt outline, on a piece of leather, two needles, and the thread you need to sew the outline of your (or your friends) butt. 

Once you send us the photo, we will send you your leather color options, and your thread options. Everything will be shipped to you within a week. 

This project should take anywhere from 1-2 hours. 

I will be uploading a how-to in my highlights on instagram and on facebook so you can make this kit whenever you would like to! 

We are a small business with no real savings, and we are working to find ways/products that will be useful for you and keep you busy during this time. 


Measurements - 

Small- 3.5 inches - Perfect for a bathroom or a private corner in your master bedroom

Large- 6-8 inches - A perfect conversation starter for your gallery wall