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Ellie Fanny Pack- Burnt Orange Pebble Grain Gold Hardware

$ 150.00


The Ellie was designed just like the rest of Tesoro’s bags, with functionality in mind. The Ellie is a brand new style and is brought to you by many requests from all of you Instagram followers. This bag is a true fanny pack, with the belt attached on the back. You can wear it on your hip, or sling it across your back while you're running around town or to the gym. The double ring allows you to adjust the strap to any size you need.

Each Ellie is lined with a soft leather, which makes the bag more durable than most bags, while still incorporating a refined design. 

Tesoro sources high-quality domestic leathers. We are so excited to announce that all the bags in this collection are made with leathers that were scrap from a leather airplane upholstery manufacturer. That means that if we didn’t purchase this leather it might have ended up in the trash. High five for recycled materials am I right? 


Gold-tone brass rings and snap closure. 


Height- 5.65 inches

Width-  8 inches

Depth- 1.75 inches