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Found Cropped Suede Jacket

$ 185.00



Approximate size (see measurements below)-

Medium - Large


This shearling style jacket will keep you warm and stylish all Winter long. The "shearling" style is actually not real fur (I thought it was!) but will still keep you super warm. This jacket is in gorgeous condition, and shearling never hoes out of style, so you can rock this for years. I absolutely adore this jacket, and its cropped style. 


 Suede and polyester 

Warmth Meter (Keeps you very warm, 10 - keeps you cool and breezy, 1)

10 - Keep you warm all the way through winter


Length - 21”

Shoulder - 19.5”

Waist - 19”

Hip - 18.5”

Sleeve length - 22”