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Found Harley Davidson Black Moto Jacket

$ 300.00



Approximate size (see measurements below)- 14/16 or Large

Design- Very traditional leather Moto jacket

A jacket for the rest of your life. This moto jacket has a very faded Harley Davidson tag in the interior. It is made of a sturdy leather, but the leather has softened with wear overtime. The hardware is in great shape, and the leather is too! This jacket is perfect to pair with a pair of jeans and a white tee. 

This style and jacket are genderless and would work for a man or women. This jacket is large, so take a look at the measurements!


 Leather and polyester 

Warmth Meter (1 Keeps you cool and breeze, 10 Keeps you very warm)



Length- 22”

Shoulder- 17.5”

Waist- 19'

Hip- 18.5

Sleeve length- 23.5”