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Found Super Warm Maroon Leather Jacket

$ 225.00



Approximate size (see measurements below)-

Medium - Large


Back in the day, Sears had some quality stuff! This jacket is made of a soft but sturdy leather, and features a zip in/zip out vest that will keep you extra warm during these colder upcoming months. The color is just gorgeous, and the style will remain is style for years to come. I adore this jacket as an everyday, throw it on with anything, kind of jacket. 


 Leather and polyester 

Warmth Meter (Keeps you very warm, 10 - keeps you cool and breezy, 1)

8 - Fuzzy vest will keep you super warm!


Length - 24”

Shoulder - 18.5”

Waist - 20”

Hip - 18”

Sleeve length - 25”