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Found Wilsons White Moto Jacket

$ 295.00



Approximate size (see measurements below)- M


This white leather jacket would be so perfect for a bachelorette weekend this fall. It features a wide belt and a cropped style that really pulls in your waist for a dramatic hour glass shape. We love a cropped jacket, but what we love even more is GOLD hardware, and this jacket has tons of it. The leather is in wonderful shape with only a couple of almost unnoticeable marks. The shoulders are a little wide, because the 1980s were full of that design feature, and honestly, its growing on us. 


 Leather and polyester 

Warmth Meter (1 Keeps you cool and breeze, 10 Keeps you very warm)



Length- 18”

Shoulder- 19”

Waist- 20”

Hip- 18”

Sleeve length- 22.5”