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Fully Custom Leather Bag

$ 1,200.00

We are offering fully customized bags designed be you!

We all know what a difference feeling put together makes, but sometimes the bag of your dreams is more than about looks. It is about staying organized, feeling confident that you can access all your most important things, and getting where you need to go with ease. With this offer you get to design the look, but you also decide also how many pockets do you need on the inside, how thick your crossbody strap is, whether in can convert to a backpack and so much more. 

The photos you see here are all bags we have made custom for customers in the past. We don't do this often, in fact usually only once or twice a year, but in order to reach our 10K in 10 day challenge (thank you for the challenge Rachel Rodgers) we are opening up 5 spots for you to make your dream bag. 

We will have a zoom chat for our first meeting to get an idea of what you are looking for, and then from there I will send you sketches, leather and hardware samples, and eventually a prototype, and then finally the finished bag. If you are looking for a larger bag, like a duffle, the price might go up. But if you are looking for anything tote bag sized or smaller, the price will stay at or under $1,500. 

The bag will take three months to complete, and you will get to choose literally everything about this bag. We have access to some incredible leathers and hardware options that we don't always choose for the collections because the price is too high. But for this kind of project the sky is the limit.