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Gift Set - Make up bags

$ 255.00

Lets get organized! This set is perfect for a makeup lover, or someone who loves to travel. These buttery soft leathers are perfect for organizing your purse, or your suitcase. Throw your lipsticks or chargers in the smallest one, your everyday makeup in the medium size, and your toiletries in the largest while your travel, and use it as a clutch when you get to your destination! This set comes with the box photographed, and is ready to gift with no extra effort. 

Small Makeup bag - 

Height- 4.5 inches

Width-  7.95 inches

Depth- 1.75 inches

Medium Makeup bag-

Height-  6.5 inches

Width-  10.25 inches

Depth- 2.95 inches

Larger Makeup bag- 

Height- 7.5 inches

Width-  14 inches

Depth- 3.25 inches