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Group Therapy - Female Entrepreneurs

$ 20.00

Our first ever group therapy session, a safe space for female entrepreneurs.  

Wednesday August 21st

1533 South Street - Tesoro Headquarters

From 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM


As a lone business owner, I often struggle to find a safe space to talk openly about issues and struggles I face, so I decided to try to create a space that would do just that, for me and many other women. This even is open to female entrepreneurs, and we will be sitting down with a licensed therapist for two hours. Bring questions, frustrations, concerns or whatever, and sit your pretty butt down in a safe space to chat with other ladies that face the same stressed you do! 

10-15 Seats available, and your $20 goes straight to the therapist! 

About our therapist - Marla is a licensed social worker who is also certified in CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) and mindfulness based stress reduction. 

We need 8 ladies minimum to lock down the event!