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Kid Friendly DIY Kit

$ 30.00


These kits are new to us. We are trying to find a way to keep all of you amazing people busy during this extremely tough time. 

This kit  comes with a pre-made vegetable tanned leather key fob or luggage tag.  Vegetable tanned leather can be painted on, and thats exactly what you can do with these kits! We will be sending you a paint brush and your choice of three paint colors to paint this key fob. After lots of requests from moms about activities kids could do, we though this would be a great solution! 

We are a small business with no real savings, and we are working to find ways/products that will be useful for you and keep you busy during this time. 

Tesoro sources high-quality domestic leathers. We use tough leather that ages beautifully. If you need more information about a specific type of leather, please email