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Shannon Yellow

$ 185.00


Here at Tesoro we like to keep up with trends while still creating something that is uniquely a Tesoro bag. We had been seeing the metal ringed handles everywhere, and we wanted to offer a beautiful, made in America option for our tribe.

The bag features a zipper top to keep your treasures safe, and a back pocket for easy access, just like the rest of the Tesoro bags. Designed to hold your phone for quick access, you will never have to dig through your bag again. The ring features on the side of the bag mirror the ring handles, but also allow for a cross body strap to be added to the bag use in case you wanted to take it dancing.


Tesoro sources high-quality domestic leathers. This yellow leather is the color of sunshine and is sure to brighten up a rainy day in April. This leather is durable and practically waterproof and indestructible. 


Height- 8 inches

Width- 12 inches 

Depth- 2.25 inches

Ring size- 5.5 inches