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Treasured- Silver Hardware

$ 30.00

Tesoro has been working on some rebranding for the fall collection, and this is your first taste! We believe all butts and bodies are beautiful, and on these bracelets, you can find butts of all shapes and sizes. We believe that women's bodies were meant to be different, and we want our customers to own who they are, and what better way to say f*$k the patriarchy than some feminine bodies on your wrist. :) 

These bracelets are adjustable and will vary a little in color like you see in the photos below. 


Here at Tesoro we believe in using the best materials available to make our products. These bracelets are made of a vegetable tanned leather which will patina over time. So don't be surprised when you see your bracelet get a little darker after 2-4 months of wear! 


1.15 inches thick

Adjustable between 6" and 7" - If you need a larger size just shoot me an email! 

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