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The Shannon - Hair on Hide

$ 525.00


Are you a fan of the Nora, but not sure it meets all your needs? Maybe it feels too large for you, or a little too heavy. Thats cool, because this bag was made just for you! This gorgeous ethically made tote bag features a zipper closure to keep all your treasures safe and opens super wide to make your stuff easy to find. The back of the bag has a large pocket, so you never have to dig around for your cell. My favorite feature though, you will find inside. This bag has a removable pocket that snaps in and out, so you can take your outfit from day to night with ease (or maybe just subtly take your tampons to the bathroom in your office). The wide "wings" pop in and out so you can give yourself a little more space when you are traveling. Plus, this bag comes with an adjustable cross body strap. 


We looked high and low for leathers made here in the USA, that would also hold up to the test of time. Our newest color blocked tote is made of our classic oil coated leather. This leather can take a beating. Minor scratching will happen, but can be buffed out by conditioning! The other leather, hair on hide cow hair, is super durable and can get wet with no issues! 


13.5 inches wide

20 inches wide with wings (side panels) out

11.5 inches tall

6 inches deep

Interior pocket - 9” X 6”

Back pocket 9” X 5”

Cross body strap - 41” longest, shortest 22”

8.5 inch strap drop