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Cotton Mask Tri-color Hair-on-Hide

$ 15.00


Our cotton hair on hide masks are new to us, but we think they will become a daily go to for all! Hair on hide is pretty in style right now, and even though style is not the biggest concern right now, we think it is imperative that we have a little fun, especially now. These masks have three large pleats and fit snug around your nose, mouth and chin. The elastic can be tightened if it is a little large for you. These do not have wire, as I am still waiting for my wire to come in. This mask is double layered, and will help to protect you, and those around you. 


Cotton Poly blend


Height- 4 inches

Width- about 7.5 inches


We are charging $10 per mask and $5 for shipping. The mask costs about $7.00 to make between materials and time. So we are profiting about $3 per mask.