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Found Vintage William Berry Leather Bomber

$ 125.00

This gorgeous leather bomber jacket features a leather body, cotton lining and knit trim. It features a large collar that looks great laying flat or "popped". The pockets are lined with a felt/fleece super soft material. I love the plaid lining in the inside, and just goes to show you how much attention to detail there used to be in clothing design in the USA. 

There is one scratch on the right sleeve, which is photographed below. 


Although it is hard to know for sure, I believe this is goat leather. It is buttery and soft, but holds its structure a little more than a lot of other thin leather, because I believe it has a wax coating on the top. 


Shoulder- 17.25

Waist- 19”

Hip- 13.5 - Elastic knit

Sleeve length-24.5”


Body length- 24”

Collar- 2.75”

Sleeve imperfection- 0.5”