Emily, Journal, Entry 1

Still cannot believe this is all real. Sitting in my office, typing on my computer, and sitting at mydesk is my version of a fairytale. When given the opportunity to work with Brit and create our own leather handbag company, I was skeptical. I knew our angel investor was someone we could trust, but I was unsure of what I could contribute to the company. Unable to actually make the patterns and sew the bags like Brit can, I did not see how I could add any value or do something that Brit couldn't do herself. 

As a previous Fashion Merchandising major, I sort of did a little bit of everything in college. My school, as much as I loved it, never really provided the opportunity to choose classes in a specified area of the fashion industry. Writing was always something I enjoyed and got positive feedback for in school, but what could I do with that? The editorial sector of fashion is near impossible to get into, especially if you can't afford to live in New York City. I struggled with what I wanted to do up until very recently (like until now, basically).

Brit and I have been working solely on Tesoro and our affiliated blog, gleek (you know, the website you are reading this on) for about two months now. Already, this experience has proven more valuable than any class I have ever taken. Being one of two people running the company, day in and day out, I am getting to do a little bit of everything. While I am forbidden to go near the sewing machines (bad experience with sewing while studying abroad, don't ask), my daily responsibilities are PR for gleek and Tesoro, Editor-in-Chief and main writer for gleek, Office Manager, co-CEO, CFO, Creative Director for Tesoro, and social media for gleek (I could do more, right?). These are all aspects, and then some, of the fashion industry that I have been wanting to try on. I did intern while I was in college, but going to school in Rhode Island, an internship is not the easiest thing to come by (it's the smallest state, remember). In just the short time that Brit and I have been at it, I have already learned invaluable lessons about myself and the joy of doing something you love.

Since we now have an office to go to everyday we have been much more productive. Gleek is officially up and running (YIPPEEE) and includes active Facebook, Instagram (@gleekstyle), and Twitter (@gleekstyle2015) accounts. Designs have been chosen for our first Tesoro collection, and the patterns have been made. Next up comes the making of prototypes, which Brit will do on her fancy schmancy sewing machines. Then off to a manufacturer, followed by the bags being sold in boutiques. So yeah, that is what the next few months look like for Brit and Em at Tesoro, pretty exciting if I do say so myself.

The hardest part so far has definitely been figuring out where to even start (decorating the office of course). Now that things are slowly falling into place, I have a much clearer vision of what is next and what needs to be done. This section of gleek will be updated consistently and describe our fabulous and mad adventures in the business. I so hope that you come along with us and help pop that champagne for all the excitement yet to come.

xoxo- Em 

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