Ahead of Schedule

Ahead of Schedule
Thats right, no typos here. I am shockingly AHEAD of schedule. (Skips around studio singing loudly.) With just sixteen days until we start shooting and exactly one month until we launch the site, the collection should be done by next week! My hours of sewing and scrutinizing every detail are paying off, and I have to be honest, I can't wait to be done. I have a lot of different tasks here at Tesoro, but my absolute least favorite task is sewing (and also taking out the trash, but we won't go there). It takes constant attention to detail, while being unbelievably monotonous all at the same time, which does seem impossible, or improbable at best. 
Although I could continue to tell you about why sewing is my least favorite, I instead decided that a photos is worth 1,000 words. Check out some of the new leathers and styles I have been working on over the past few weeks! 
Our Spring/Summer collection will have a few new styles, and some updates to the bags we had in the original collection. (Your suggestions are always taken into account here, most of these updates were suggestions from clients who own the bags and use them daily!) The Belt Bags will now feature three credit card slots, which can each store between two and three cards. Making your everyday life, or a night out, much more tidy. (See photo above!) 
Thanks for checking in guys! 
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