2017 Golden Globes. If only Joan Rivers were here.

2017 Golden Globes. If only Joan Rivers were here.

If only Joan Rivers could be here to rehash the 2017 Golden Globe Awards Red Carpet. Not that it was bad. To be honest, it was annoyingly decent. But, might we suggest next time you find yourself in the middle of a lackluster day, imagine what Joan would say if she were still alive. Not just about sartorial decisions, but the state of the world in general. Laughing yet?

 Anyway, coming from a long line of natural born complainers, I was uncomfortably probed and prodded to say nice things while watching the first red carpet of the season. Primarily, it felt unnatural. Not that I go around insulting people, but part of the thrill of awards season is waiting for 'that moment.' It's the one when a celebrity, for whatever reason, decides to wear something that your brain just can't comprehend. The shock/wow factor of the garment is so powerful, even our fifty-year-old fathers are forced to open their eyes and say something. As an avid red carpet watcher, last nights looks were simply stunning. But for the next one (SAG Awards?), can we make sure Björk and her swan are invited?

Luckily, the most difficult part of my Monday (besides actually surviving it) was narrowing down the very best (in our opinion) of the 2017 Golden Globes Red Carpet.

And the winner is... Meryl Streep.


For actual photos of our favorite looks from last night, click to check out our Pinterest board! 

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