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Be a Pro Thrifter

December 11, 2023
I have been thrifting since high school and I have learned a few things along the way. And in the hopes that it might prevent more consumption of fast fashion, I am no longer gatekeeping all the th...
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How to Care for Real Fur

November 25, 2020
Hi all!  I have had quite a few questions about how to care for the Vintage fur coats I have been selling for the past week or so. I wanted to touch on some really important information because car...
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Caring for your Tesoro Bags

November 25, 2020
It has been a few years since I did a post specifically about leather care. There are so many types of leather in the world. I have noticed that many people misunderstand what a quality leather rea...
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Peace, Love, Earth Day

April 21, 2017
For the majority of my life Earth Day meant coloring in a picture of the Earth with crayons while our teacher said "pollution" five or six times to really give it meaning. Oh, and the student counc...
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