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Come with us behind the scenes of Tesoro Design! Here, we document our experiences of running a handmade in America leather handbag company. Updated daily.

Clapping back at Vogue

I used to read Vogue like it was the guide book of my life. It was my favorite thing to get in the mail, it was my daily outfit inspiration in high school (instagram and pinterest didn't exist back then), and I felt that if I was going to be a designer, getting published in Vogue would be the only thing that would make me a success.  Boy have my feelings changed. I recently started reading some of their articles about ethical and sustainable fashion and found myself deeply frustrated. They were talking to big brands/names like Stella McCartney, and I found myself wondering what the hell she knows about ethical or sustainable fashion, so I started trying to research...
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Grinches Guide to Gifting

The way I see it, we are a country divided. Not to worry, this isn’t an opinion piece on the extreme political polarity of America, as tempting as that is with mid-term elections being last week. I’m talking about the “Christmas Elves” and the “Grinches”. Almost all of us fit into one category or another. Either you are the sprightly little beings who turn-up to the Christmas Classics the day after Halloween (Thanksgiving? What’s that?). The ones who are Mrs. Claus incarnate and do their shopping months in advance, taking their time to artfully wrap gifts - in between cookie baking, putting up a 5th Christmas tree, and hanging mistletoe in the most essential places. And then… There is the...
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Moving On Up...To Ground Level

Well, we did it. Tesoro officially has its own store! So far we have been open for a total of 32 hours, also known as four days, and it has been extraordinary. The best part you ask? Personally speaking, having three large windows is priceless. For the past year-and-a-half I have been working from a basement office with zero windows, so our new space is a literal step-up in more ways than one.  This past Friday was our soft opening. Even with torrential downpours on and off throughout the night, we had a wonderful turnout. Friends, family and loyal customers sipped champagne and celebrated with us in our new home, 230 W Market Street in downtown West Chester, PA.  Please...
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Peace, Love, Earth Day

For the majority of my life Earth Day meant coloring in a picture of the Earth with crayons while our teacher said "pollution" five or six times to really give it meaning. Oh, and the student council kids (aka, the lucky ones) would plant a tree, which meant they got to miss half of English class.  Safe to say if we didn't get off from school, the importance of the day was lost on me.  When I got to college Earth Day stood for tie-dye clad students, radiant with naturally tousled hair and hemp bracelets, leaping about the quad spreading love for our planet. I thought their passion was moving, although I was more concerned about the French homework I had to...
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